2talk (New Zealand)
2talk Broadband products offer a low cost and reliable delivery option for your 2talk Cloud PBX and Voice over IP Trunking Services. 2talks solutions include ADSL, VDSL and Dedicated connections over HSNS or Fibre and are engineered to provide the best quality for your 2talk voice service.


Alfadom (Italy)
Alfadom Italian provider of VoIP telephony, delivers on all the Italian territory an innovative telephony service for residential and business. Using voice systems over the Internet (VoIP) – which allow a significant reduction in the cost of phone calls – Alfadom offers Residential and Business Price Plans which include the use of exclusive services.


Amis (Slovenia)
Amis, founded in 1995, is today the leading alternative provider of integrated communications in the Internet, television and telephony in Slovenia. They have invested in the expertise of staff and the latest technology, and in a few years to offer our customers a complete range of technologically advanced communication services in the field of access to the Internet, Internet services, video conferencing systems and networks, and television service.


babyTEL (Canada)
Since 1991, babyTEL has been delivering high quality voice and fax communications services including VoIP based cloud business phone, home phone, SIP Trunking, T.38 Fax, electronic fax and smartphone apps to individuals and businesses all over the country. babyTEL understands the need to both stay connected, and to protect sensitive information in today’s increasingly connected world.


Call-a-Cloud (Malaysia)
Call-a-Cloud is a leading VoIP Service Provider in Malaysia. Our business-grade SIP services ideal for many SME and enterprise businesses, taking advantage of state-of-art VOIP technology with localised numbers covering Johor, Kuala Lumpur, Penang and others Toll-free DID. Specialised in both Shared or Dedicated Cloud-based PBX services, offers customers a complete range of business communication needs.


CalnCall (Singapore)
CalnCall is a leading VoIP Service Provider in Singapore. Our business-grade SIP services ideal for many SME and enterprise businesses, taking advantage of state-of-art VOIP technology with localised numbers and others Toll-free DID. Specialised in both Shared or Dedicated Cloud-based PBX services, offers customers a complete range of business communication needs. Our crystal-clear call quality and after-sales services differentiated us from competition.


Callcentric (USA)
With headquarters in New York City, NY; Callcentric has been providing VoIP phone services since 2005. Callcentric’s portfolio of Business-Grade SIP Trunking Service solutions for residential/business customers includes Voice, Fax, DIDs throughout the US/Canada, international DIDs in over 47 countries, Toll-Free DIDs, and more… Specializing in servicing the BYOD market, Callcentric is proud to maintain the BroadbandReports.com “Gold Award” for over 5 years and their services have consistently been reviewed by leading industry sites/publications as being “Best in Class” for quality, customer service, and overall value.


China Mobile (China)
China Mobile Limited was incorporated in Hong Kong on 3 September 1997. The Company was listed on the New York Stock Exchange and The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited on 22 October 1997 and 23 October 1997, respectively. As the leading mobile services provider in Mainland China, the Group boasts the world’s largest mobile network and the world”s largest mobile customer base.


ComNet (Hong Kong)
ComNet provides you VoIP services which is with simple registration and call procedures that allow hassle-free connections. Their finest sound technology to ensure crystal clear transmission wherever you are.


Deutsche Telefon (Germany)
Located in Mainz, Germany, the Deutsche Telefon Standard AG manufactures and markets network-based PBXes for small and medium enterprises, providing intelligent and flexible business telephony in SMEs. A new and unique feature of the DTSt. solution is the ability to control all relevant functions of the PBX via a web application. The DTSt. management has many years of experience in the ITC business and has successfully led a number of startups.


DIRECT VoIP (Croatia)
DIRECT VoIP telecom service offers a range of innovative solutions that enable the use of broadband Internet to radically cut telecom costs. As a specialized SIP provider, companies of all profiles offer complete IP telecom solutions with extremely low prices for calls within the country and abroad.


dus.net GmbH (Germany)
The dus.net GmbH is a young, dynamic and shareholder owned telecommunications company, based in Dsseldorf/Germany. VoIP is their core business. Yeastar MyPBX are fully compatible with dus.net high-load SIP Trunking which called DUStel trunk.


easybell (Germany)
With over 500,000 customers nationwide, the easybell group is one of the fastest growing telecommunications companies in Germany. As a company within the publically traded company “ecotel communication AG”, easybell provides its customers with a wide pallet of services. Due to its extensive experience as a leading telecommunications vendor, easybell combines quality of service with fair prices for each of its customers.


equada GmbH (Germany)
equada GmbH is a german based cloud and voip-provider. Operating their own ip and telephony network, equada meets highest standards of quality and performance. Redundant network connections and three independent data centers ensure a maximum resilience for your telephony solution. Their certified and tested “VoIP-Trunk” product offers all required features for german business customers at an affordable price.


Fibernetics CLEC (Canada)
Fibernetics CLEC is your North American telecom Carrier. Specializing in SIP, Fibernetics CLEC offers the most comparative products using state of the art technology. Their network spans from coast to coast, providing origination and termination services to resellers around the globe. Perating for over a decade in a very competitive landscape our key to success is their focus on customer service.


FreePhone (Poland)
FreePhone ,founded in 2006, is Polish provider VoIP , delivers across the country , innovative telephony service for residential and business customers.  We currently offer our services to more than 50 resellers,  and  10,000+ end users. Our products include VoIP Trunking, DID Porting, Managed billing platform, Hosted PBX and the full range of MyPBX IP-PBX systems. We use the Yeastar systems for the easy to use web interface and rock solid performance along with the extensive business features.


Globul (Bulgaria)
Globul provide their clients with the full range of telecommunication services: mobile, fixed and data transfer, so that their freedom and pleasure in unlimited communication may be guaranteed. They offer roaming services in over 180 countries in partnership with over 400 international telecommunication networks.


HKBN (Hong Kong)
Superior voice fidelity makes the other party sound right next to you. ChinaOne deploys the finest sound technology to ensure crystal clear transmission wherever you are. Our global network is the bridge connecting business partners and individuals around the world. It offers both superb speed and efficiency to optimize today’s communications revolution. In pursuance of quality service, ChinaOne adopts intelligent billing system to provide you with precision and reassurance of your IDD calls. Multiple payment methods are available to offer additional convenience.


ISP Telecom (Canada)
ISP Telecom is a Canadian provider of advanced telecommunications solutions designed to meet the demanding requirements for wholesale, VOIP and ISDN PRIs. The company has been operating as a registered CLEC in Canada since 1998 and was one of the key leaders in transition from traditional TDM to IP based digital phone solutions. The products include SIP Trunking, aggregated PRIs, DIDs and LNP for VOIP and flexible billing systems.


Inopla GmbH (Germany)
The Inopla GmbH is a medium-sized service provider of advanced telecommunications solutions tailored to the needs of modern companies. The company’s broad product and solutions for virtual phone systems via intelligent routing,covers all possible scenarios in the telecommunications sector and is now being used successfully and purposefully by a variety of organizations of all sizes.


ippi (France)
ippi is a leading VoIP provider that uses SIP technology, with over 500,000 users in 125 countries. Open an free account at ippi.com and get a fast configuration of your ippi account with Yeastar products. You will also get free calls to other members, SIP users, Google Voice & Skype, plus free DID/iNum and a lot of great features!


iWay AG (Switzerland)
iWay AG, one of the leading Swiss internet service providers for smaller and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and is a service provider offering solutions for the Internet, networking, cloud services, hosting websites and managed, virtual servers, and communications solutions.


KCT (Korea)
KCT (Korea Cable Telecom) was incorporated in August 2006, to provide CATV system operators with VoIP services on top of broadcasting and high speed internet services. Based on its nationwide network, KCTs state-of-the-art converged services of broadcasting and telecommunications are provided in cooperation with the system operators.


KPNQwest Italy (Italy)
KPNQwest Italy is an Italian company providing telecommunications services to over 3500 Italian companies and operating in the COMM2000 group together with Messagenet and CommStrategy. The services provided cover the most significant technologies in the enterprise such as DSL connectivity and VoIP services for broadband connections and new voice technologies.


LucidPhone (Canada)
LucidPhone is the telecommunication wing of MKN Group, wholesalers of Mobile Accessories and VOIP Supplies. Founded in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada in 2012, Lucidphone offers all IP supplies and VOIP services that is compatible with Yeastar devices.


Mtel (Bulgaria)
Mtel is the first telecom operator in Bulgaria and one of the most successful mobile operators in Europe which is founded in 1994. They provide customers complete telecommunication solutions – mobile and fixed voice, mobile internet, digital TV and enterprise VoIP communications.


My Business Voice (Australia)
My Business Voice is an Australian based VoIP provider offering white label telephony solutions to our resellers empowering them to offer VoIP products and services to small and medium businesses across the country. We currently offer our services to more than 50 resellers with 10,000+ end users. Our products include VoIP Trunking, DID Porting, Managed billing platform, Hosted PBX and the full range of MyPBX IP-PBX systems. We use the MyPBX systems for the easy to use web interface and rock solid performance along with the extensive business features.


nexVortex (USA)
nexVortex is an IP Communications Service Provider specializing in SIP Trunking services, conferencing, and other VoIP solutions for business. nexVortex is an UNCOMMON company delivering Uncommon Service while excelling through technical Know-How and an unbending Commitment to our customers. Our mission is to provide our customers with the IP knowledge, services, and capabilities they need to improve their business communications easily and affordably.


O1 Communications (USA)
O1 Communications has been a leader in the telecommunications industry since 1998, today providing both wholesale and retail services. O1 provides SIP trunking, termination, origination, and toll-free services and works with carriers to design cost-effective solutions based on their unique requirements. O1 operates as a registered CLEC and provides a large footprint and a nationwide network. The company maintains a commitment to providing its customers with pro-active and responsive customer care and support.


Omega Telecom (Cyprus)
Omega Telecom hosted telephony service has proven very popular in the financial industry due to the excellent value that it offers, the large number of countries that we can provide DIDs, the excellent Quality of Service, the high level of support that we offer, as well as its ability to serve multiple sites across the globe as if they were all in a single location. Our system can provide a fully functional IP Telephony solution over a carrier grade platform as well as Hosted SIP Trunks with DIDs in over 60 countries.


Openfone (Spain)
Openfone is a Spanish Company who supplies telephony services, microcomputers services as well as VoIP services to their customers. Openfone has a phone code, given by the CMT (Market Commission of Telecommunications), through which they filed all calls from their customers. Their VoIP services aim to reduce customer phone bills.


Orange (Romania)
Orange is the brand under which France Telecom provides mobile communications services, Internet and television. France Telecom Group is a world leader in telecommunication services, with over 183 million customers on five continents.


P1 (Malaysia)
P1 is the preferred solution provider for mobile broadband networks with the incentives for: cost effective data; IP voice; and value added services. They are here to benefit mobile enterprises, SOHO and residential users that need something truly beyond broadband.


PLDT (Philippines)
PLDT is the leading telecommunications service provider in the Philippines. Through its principal business groups – fixed line, wireless and others – PLDT offers a wide range of telecommunications services across the Philippines’ most extensive fiber optic backbone and fixed line and cellular networks. PLDT is listed on the Philippine Stock Exchange (PSE:TEL) and its American Depositary Shares are listed on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE:PHI). PLDT has one of the largest market capitalizations among Philippine-listed companies.


Peoplefone (Switzerland)
Peoplefone is a Swiss company, privately held by Swiss investors. It was founded in 2005 and is operational in Switzerland, Austria, Poland and Slovakia. The headquarter is in Zurich/Switzerland. The mission of peoplefone is to enable everybody to call to everybody, wherever you and they are in the world, from home or with your mobile without having to worry about the costs. The Peoplefone’s used SIP technology of VoIP is compatible with all IP-devices.


Reventix GmbH (Germany)
Reventix GmbH has been operating since 2005 as a pioneer for virtual phone systems and VoIP technologies for small and medium enterprises. The requirements of over 1000 satisfied clients have been incorporated into today’s products. SIPbase is the VoIP platform of Reventix GmbH under the all VoIP solutions.


Redworks (Netherlands)
Redworks”s Wholesale Carrier and VOIP Provider and provider of business Fixed IP solutions and mobile subscriptions over a redundant telecommunications network.


RingOffice (Canada)
RingOffice is a leading business VoIP provider based in Toronto. We offer excellent local and toll free number coverage in North America and many international destinations. RingOffice business VoIP communication solutions help to improve productivity, increase call quality, enhance functionality and reduce cost. Our highly knowledgable staff is certified on all major brands and ready to help.


Romtelecom (Romania)
Romtelecom Business Solutions division is specifically designed to support the Romanian companies, the performance of communications and IT solutions. It was founded in 2007 as a result of the growing need for specialized and dedicated services for business, companies providing solutions for voice, internet and data hosting and managed services.


sipgate (Germany)
sipgate offers innovative cloud telephony solutions and SIP services for their customers. With hundreds of thousands of customers in Germany, Austria and Great Britain sipgate is one of the largest VoIP provider in Europe.


SK Broadband (Korea)
SK Broadband, Inc. previously Hanaro Telecom, is a Seoul-based Korean Telecommunications company, one of the largest providers of Broadband Internet access in South Korea. The company also is one of the largest Telephone companies in South Korea, one of only two companies licensed to provide Telephone services.


SIPTRUNK.com is the simple, easy and profitable way to resell SIP trunking services. With SIPTRUNK.com, account creation to live service happens in 60 seconds! The SIPTRUNK.com white label SIP trunking platform is designed for PBX resellers interested in developing a monthly recurring revenue stream from selling SIP trunking services. SIPTRUNK.com is brandable, handles all end-user billing and complex telecom taxation collections, can be configured for multiple partner levels and provides transparent commission reporting all backed by service and support personnel with decades of telephony industry experience.


Skype Connect (Worldwide)
Skype Connect is the SIP service provided by Skype. It provides connectivity between your business and the Skype communit. By adding Skype Connect to your MyPBX, your business can save on communication costs with little or no additional upgrades required.


SoTel Systems (USA)
With SoTel Systems SIP Trunking services, you can realize tremendous savings on your communications while ensuring a more reliable and resilient infrastructure for your business. No matter what phone system you currently have, you can always take advantage of SIP Trunking from SoTel without replacing any of your existing equipment. SoTel offers both unlimited and metered service plans that will fit the communications needs of any business.


Spirit (Australia)
Spirit is one of the leading full service Telecom providers in Australia. Headquartered in Melbourne, Victoria, they offer SIP trunking via Fibre Optic, Mid-band Ethernet (EoC) and SHDSL access options to customer premises. Spirit operates it’s own national private data and voice network, fully managed end-to-end, which means all calls are carried via private SIP trunks (never over the Internet) resulting in highest call quality and security of the service. Spirit SIP trunking is standards-based and compatible with any number of IP-based or legacy PBX systems.


StarHub (Singapore)
StarHub is Singapore’s fully-integrated info-communications company, offering a full range of information, communications and entertainment services for both consumer and corporate markets. StarHub operates an extensive fixed business network that provides a wide range of data, voice and wholesale services.


Telemach (Slovenia)
Telemach company is the leading Slovenian provider of cable TV, telephony and broadband internet services. Through its extensive network based on a combination of optical and coaxial components, and through constant investments in technology innovations, Telemach provides a high level of service to the widest range of Slovenian home users and businesses. The company is owned by Mid Europa Partners group, an investment group operating in Central Europe.


Uniserve (Canada)
Uniserve is a full service telecom company founded in 1988 and publicly trading on the TSXV as USS. Uniserve provides a full suite of products including all aspects of voice services and equipment, cloud and hosting services, data connectivity, and more all under the mandate of quality delivered as value and offered in a complete and simple to evaluate format and backed by our guarantee of satisfaction.


UPC (Romania)
UPC is one of the largest cable communications in Romania who provides cable and satellite television, high speed internet and digital telephony. UPC Romania is affiliated to UPC Broadband, the European division of Liberty Global, Inc., The largest cable communications company in the world. Their customers cover 10 European countries: Hungary, Austria, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Ireland, Holland, Switzerland, Germany and Romania.


VIVACOM (Bulgaria)
VIVACOM is a leader in developing modern telecommunication services to meet the highest professional standards – from mobile and fixed voice services to high speed Internet access through VIVACOM NET, from data transfer through mobile and fixed services to tailor made telecommunication solutions.


Voxbone (USA)
Voxbone is the market leader in providing worldwide geographical, toll-free and geographically-independent telephone numbers, enabling Internet communications services providers, global carriers, national operators and enterprises to extend the reach of their voice services internationally, rapidly and with minimal costs. The company delivers high-quality inbound communications (often referred to as direct inward dialing, or DID) from more than 50 countries and more than 4,000 cities around the world, as well as the first emergency-calling service accessible in multiple European countries from a single IP-based interconnection.

voipq yeastar itsp partner

VoipQ (Netherlands)
VoipQ is a Dutch VoIP operator and telecom-supplier. They specialize in providing SIP-solutions for PBX-systems, Managed PBX-systems, SIP-trunks, Hosted VoIP/PBX (IP Centrex) solutions, mainly targeted for the SME-market directly, as well as via our partner- and reseller-network.


VoipVoice (Italy)
VoipVoice is the first fully VoIP Provider Business – Oriented! In Italian’s provider panorama it’s different from all the others because it bases its work on the quality and direct relationship with customers and partners, adapting to their needs. Its dynamism today allows to better manage their customer, thanks to the ubiquity of its network partners, with professional services proposing the Telecommunications market in providing geographical numbers and VoIP connectivity.

winet networksolutions

Winet (Switzerland)
With more than 20,000 users worldwide, Winet is the leading provider of standardized SIP communications systems in the business sector in Switzerland. Winet offers on the edge VoIP products. In addition Winet carries Call Termination in high quality and direct connection over SS7 Switch. On their own Termination System Winet offers also virtual PBX with Termination over SIP Trunks and IAX Trunks. Winet ist specialized in building VoIP Networks all over the World, connecting HomeOffices to Companies or little country offices over internet with their Homebase.


XeloQ IQ-Telephony (Netherlands)
XeloQ IQ-Telephony is a worldwide operating VoIP provider in business since 2002 servicing B2B, consumers and branded, white label resellers. We fully own and completely developed our VoIP systems and backbones ourselves. Currently, we offer our services to 120+ resellers, businesses and end-users in 90+ countries servicing 100,000+ endpoints covering all continents. We offer Hosted + Mobile VoIP, Enterprise VoIP, Business solutions, Call Center solutions, Calling Cards and Unified Communications.


KGEx (Taiwan)
Since 2000 Internet Services have expanded vigorously worldwide. KGEx was founded in Sep. 2000 to provide comprehensive internet services and to fulfill market demands. Through comprehensive and diversified product packages, we aim to provide enterprises and ISPs with more cost-effective quality services.


FarEasTone (Taiwan)
FarEasTone Telecommunications (hereinafter abbreviated to FET) was founded on April 11, 1997, a public offering of shares listed company in Taiwan, stock code is 4904. Through considerable technical resources and comprehensive financial capability, it acquired two mobile communications operation permits (GSM900 and GSM1800) in 1997, engaged in rather rapid network construction, and began formal operations in January 1998.